2022(25th Session) Dalian International Industrial Exposition

2022(25th) Dalian International Industry Expo

The invitation

Time: Sept 21 -- Sept 24, 2022

Venue: Dalian Free Trade Zone International Convention and Exhibition Center

(Address: No. 18, Aigang Road, Dalian Free Trade Zone)

Sponsor: Jinpu New District Management Committee

Ccpit Dalian Branch

Co-organizer: Dalian Jinpu New Area Development and Reform Bureau

Dalian Free Trade Zone International Convention and Exhibition Center Co. LTD

Overseas support: Japan International Trade Promotion Corporation, Korea International Trade Promotion Corporation, Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Japan Local Banking Federation Kanagawa Prefectural Government

Organizer: Dalian Huazhan Exhibition Service Co., LTD

Dalian Shuangxin Exhibition Planning Co. LTD

2022 (25th) dalian international industry fair will be on Sept 21-24, 2022, was held in dalian free trade international convention and exhibition center, this is the second time the dalian international industry fair Jin Pu new district in dalian (dalian economic and technological development zone), the previous dalian international industry fair will be a great success, the exhibitors and spectators have great harvest.

Dalian Jin Pu new district is the first state-level development zone in northeast China, northeast industrial demonstration zone, the forerunner area, development of the northeast industrial, large size, advanced technology, the foreign capital enterprise, mazar-e-sharif grams, LaoBo, Hitachi, Toshiba, mitsubishi, Fuji, panasonic and other well-known multinational companies dotted, only Japan and South Korea investment factory to the nearest thousand.

Dalian is located in the center of Northeast Asia. There are three provinces in northeast China and the eastern part of Inner Mongolia as the hinterland in China. It is adjacent to Korea, Japan, North Korea and the Russian Far East. After Shanghai and Bangkok, Dalian is Japan's third largest city for overseas investment. The Korea International Trade Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Kanagawa Government of Japan organized delegations to participate in the exhibition.

Dalian international industry fair passed more than 20 years of history, has become a well-known exhibitions internationalization, specialization, branding, the core competitiveness is to meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors, will attract many of the annual exhibition industry leading brand presence, communicate through the exhibition at home and abroad advanced technology and ideas, released recently technological achievements. At the same time, more than 40,000 high-quality professional visitors will bring clear market demand information and a large number of orders for exhibitors, effectively promote the trade.

[Exhibition Area]

Machine tools and Tools Exhibition Area: metal cutting machine tools, sheet metal processing and laser cutting, metal additive manufacturing and special machine tools, measurement and automation technology, tool measuring tools, molds, machine tool accessories, etc.

Robot and factory Intelligent Exhibition Area: Robot and non-standard automation equipment, industrial control, automation equipment, instruments and meters, mechanical transmission, low-voltage electrical, etc.

Welding and cutting Exhibition area: welding and cutting equipment, welding materials, robots and welding laser system, welding smoke purification equipment, etc.

Electronic Industry Exhibition Area: electronic application system, electronic components and production equipment, etc.

Hardware tools Exhibition area: hardware machinery, tools hardware, mechanical and electrical products, industrial production safety protection, labor protection products, fasteners, bearings, etc.;

Casting die casting heat treatment Exhibition Area: casting, casting equipment, die casting products, casting materials, testing instruments, surface treatment technology and equipment;

Plastic and rubber Exhibition area: rubber and plastic industry machinery, raw materials and products, 3D technology, rubber processing machinery and equipment, the whole industry chain of plastic industry and modern Internet new elements and future new technology;

Industrial environmental protection and energy saving technology and equipment Exhibition area: water treatment technology and equipment, solid waste treatment, water pumps, valves, pipe fittings, air purification, fresh air system, industrial cleaning, dust removal, three wastes recycling, energy saving equipment and new energy, anti-static, etc.

Industrial supporting services Exhibition area: industrial cleaning equipment, detergent, forklift and other industrial logistics equipment, industrial raw materials and industrial parts, etc.

[Booth fee]

1. Standard booth

Domestic enterprises: 3M X3M RMB 7600 (20% extra for double-sided open booth)

Foreign enterprises: 3M X3M usd 3000 (20% increase on both sides of main channel)

Note: The standard booth is equipped with three display boards, lintel board, one negotiation table, two folding chairs, two spotlights and a 5A power socket (only for low-power audio-visual equipment within 300W).

2. Indoor bare ground

Domestic enterprises: 760 YUAN/square meter (not less than 36 square meters, 20% markup on both sides of the main channel)

Foreign enterprises: $300 / square meter (not less than 36 square meters, 20% markup on both sides of the main channel)

Note: the booth is specially decorated, and the management fee for special decoration shall be borne by the exhibitors.

[Technical Exchange Meeting]

3000 yuan/scene (2 hours), 50-80 people theatre, equipped with projector, standard background board, sound, microphone, laptop computer, mineral water.

Other advertisements: please contact the organizing committee if necessary.

[Publicity and promotion of the exhibition]

1. Promotion of professional magazines and websites: Publish exhibition information on more than 100 important professional magazines and websites at home and abroad.

2. Radio and TV publicity: Dalian TV station, Liaoning TV Station, etc.

3. Newspaper publicity: Dalian Daily, Dalian Evening News, Peninsula Morning Post, New Business Daily and other important media in northeast China.

4. Association and society publicity: organize groups to participate in the exhibition and visit through contacting with associations and societies in various industries.

5. Image media: use building mass media to carry out TV publicity.

6. Outdoor advertising: set up large billboards in major electronic cities, mechanical and electrical malls, industrial parks and other professional markets for publicity.

7. On-site publicity of similar exhibitions: choose to participate in similar professional exhibitions with relatively large scale and influence at home and abroad, send development materials and visiting tickets, and directly promote professional merchants and invite target audiences.

8. LRT station publicity: Billboards should be set up in the LRT body and LRT station.

9. Invitation for traders: Make one-to-one professional invitation to customers through telephone confirmation, fax form, sending suggestion and other forms.

10. Tickets and Email: Based on years of experience in organizing exhibitions, we have established a huge database of professional visitors. Through telephone, fax, E-mail, direct mail, visit and other forms of professional visitors from all walks of life to visit.

11. Agency for investment promotion: Established overseas agency for investment promotion in South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries and regions, and cooperated with local well-known industrial associations to organize enterprises and purchasing groups to participate in direct exhibitions and visits.

12. Hold technical exchanges, seminars, new technology and new product launches to invite and attract audiences.

[Exhibition procedures]

1. Exhibitors should fill in the Application form and stamp it with official seal, then send or fax it to Dalian Huazhan Exhibition Service Co., LTD.

2. Within one week after registration, enterprises should pay 50% of the total exhibition fee to the account of the organizing committee as fixed money to show the confirmation of the booth and advertisement. The balance shall be paid before Aug 20, 2022. Booth allocation will be arranged in order of payment.

3. Please contact the organizing committee for reception, accommodation, transportation of exhibits, advertising and other business.

[Contact information of the Organizing Committee]

Dalian Huazhan Exhibition Service Co. LTD

Tel/fax: 0411 -- 83787049

Contact: Wang Xiaofeng 13504110459(wechat)

Address: Room 1004, No. 50, Tongren Street, Xigang District, Dalian (116011)


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